Siyuan is a young designer and researcher, recently she is doing research in Royal College of Art for Master Degree. She graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in degree of Bachelor of Fine Art. She participated in SAIC’s 2018 runway show and 2017 fashion exhibition. She was selected as the piece of resistance in student showcase by MCMG fashion show in New York this September.

After school, Siyuan is also a baking lover, she has been learning pastries by herself online. Her favorite pastry is croissant. She was inspired by the cakes from Russian baker, Marie. Siyuan’s love is making mirror cakes are covered by transparency glaze in traditional Chinese pastries’ flavor.

When she gets holiday vacations for breaks, Siyuan travels around the world with her infrared camera 5DIII and she creates the colorful and vivid spirits in her photos. She depicts it as she gives the life of the views she catches.